Sunday, March 2, 2008

Roberto Perpignani Quotes from 'Fine Cuts: The Art of European Film Editing'

In European cinemas as elsewhere, 'A film by...' is the winning formula and although invented for the 'authors' it works in the commercial sphere as well. In addition, it became a sort of 'caste' title, whether the directors deserved it or not. Returning to Welles, an undisputed author, he was inclined to say that the system had created a sort of protection for very good collaborators which allowed the weakest of them to feel at ease. So we are the only ones responsible for recognising where quality actually lies.

Roberto Perpignani, Page 116

Editors Baptism - Most editors, in this book or not, will have experienced the moment where they confront their ability to cut creatively. It can be painful and prolonged, but is never forgotten.

Roberto Perpignani, Page 119 (Notes)


Indeed, for personally, I am terribly crappy at 'critiquing' a film, unlike many people who seem to have a knack for doing film reviews for everything they watch. For me, most things I watch have their own merits - and I'll probably only be able to point out if something seems pretty damn bad... or perhaps, if a film reached out to be in an extraordinary way.

And indeed, again, I think I have encountered my own bout of 'editors baptism' before, where I severely doubted my abilities as an editor. The wacky logic went: wait, a trained monkey can probably do what I'm doing, no, wait, just an ordinary monkey might be able to do it better... therefore, me = monkey?

I'm sure there will be more baptisms to follow, since every project is different and a fresh start. Just because you've completed 'A' doesn't mean 'B' and 'C' will come to you naturally.