Saturday, April 12, 2008

Motivator Poster: Render Wisdom

Had Larry Jordan's ' Editing Truths — for Better Living (Contest)' [] at the back of my mind while editing with my director.

We were doing our best to jazz up an otherwise humdrum video, using our arsenal of Digital Juice motion graphics packs. Since we've switched over from a 1GB Powerbook to a 4GB MacBook Pro for some of our editing, this is the first time we're really pushing the new Intel machine with multi layers of motion graphics and keyframing work.

I guess we were expecting a sound barrier breakthrough in terms of speed - but alas, we still had to wait *gasp* for rendering!

Which reminds me of one of those to-be-classic 'quips from a client', which was related to me by my AfterEffects guru [paraphrased by me, due to me having the memory of a goldfish]:
'I don't see why you need to render... rendering is only for the editor to slack off and have coffee!'

So, while twiddling thumbs with my director, staring at the rendering bar, I came up with the "If it's not instantaneous, it's not 'fast enough'" quip.

In order for me to 'get over' the fact of [still] having to render, I've decided I'm gonna find the time to put the Powerbook and MacBook Pro side by side, then let them both render a similar clip... and appease my soul when I get to SEE the difference. Theory of relativity ;]