Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm going for the Final Cut World Tour (Singapore)

Have been watching on a daily basis - and finally booked myself a seat when registration opened.

Haven't managed to google much info on what goes on in one of these things [pretty sure they're not giving away FCS2 as door gifts though :P] since the Tour has just started. But there's some mention in the Creative Cow forums that the emphasis is on Final Cut Server... hmm. Not very applicable to me for now but it would be quite useful to find out more about Final Cut in general.

The last similar event I went for was the Adobe one. While it was interesting to see all the cool stuff CS3 can do, it was geared mainly to the desktop and web people. When they had some audience interaction freebie giveaway, the print and design folks obviously knew all the Photoshop shortcuts more than video editor me!