Sunday, March 21, 2010

Colorful Corporate Cuts

Latest TVC I've cut & graded is up on our YouTube channel [and being viralized + broadcasted]:

Was also on set as the EX-3 media wrangler. Between offloads, I was also the 'runner' [quite literally] plus 'waterboy' [drawing sea water using a rope & bucket to flood the ground - hardest & most awesome practical workout I've ever had]. Had a great tan, too, under the blazing sun from dawn till dusk.

Just finished a rough cut of a teen pregnancy drama this week. Good to be cutting something that's not a mish-mash of montage shots and 'archival' footage ripped from some stashed-away DVD from years gone by for a change. Well, those projects have their own place and time but it's a refreshing change to be cutting a dramatic piece with emotions... lots and LOTS of emotions.

Was quite pleasantly surprised by how quickly I got into the material. Guess my mind was happily stimulated, which makes for a nice session. Another nice change from the many mechanical post tasks I had to complete in the past weeks [lots of tiny tweaks to almost-complete cuts, .MOV & .WMV encoding and DVD authoring for final deliverables].

The drama consists of 5 vignettes & a prologue which show the possible consequences of teen pregnancy for teenage girls and will be used in facilitation sessions by our client for at-risk girls. It's not meant to be all didactic and preachy, so the message is communicated through empathy, storytelling and emotions.

By the 2nd vignette, I was feeling quite sad for our protagonist. There is a fair share of crying but this is neither a Taiwanese soap opera nor a Hong Kong soap weepie, so it's not all out flood of tears and bawling of eyes. There is much more power [and realism] in showing restraint.

At the same time, I'm cutting a 12-webisode project for a corporate client, who is using it as training material for their service staff through the entire year. Sounds boring? Not quite, since we've made them into mini sitcoms. Our protagonist in this one is quite an earnest goofball, so I find myself having my 'duh' face on when editing him.

Other things on my editing plate this month and next are a graduation video [this one requires I dig up my youthful enthusiasm], a project that has been more commonly referred to as 'sex skit' rather than its title [nothing scandalous; another facilitation video, this time done in comedy vignettes style] and an interview-led piece on teen smoking [a cause I personally support: be smoke-free, kids and adults alike].

Who said 'corporates' must be boring? ;]