Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oiling the Wheels for the Next Wave

A little bit of a rest period post-madness, so have managed to upload a few more recent works:

Our future nursing professionals! From the NUS Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies (Did you know we have an up-and-coming Nursing Undergrad, Masters AND PhD programme in Singapore?) Very classy piece and good interviews and footage to work with. Wasn't on set for this but I was told by my crew that the selected student-talents really did their homework (the preparation definitely shows in the delivery of the soundbites) and were a joy to work with during re-enactments with their positive attitudes. Kudos! When you have clients who really take ownership of their videos, the editor gets great footage to work with and the videos shine.

An Opening Video I did for the Singapore Sports Awards. Took me a while to experiment with and come up with the style but once I locked down what I wanted to achieve, making it happen was a smoother affair. Shortlisted the most dramatic stills and went for it. Clients had some footage, mostly news coverage sort, so we felt it would dilute the impact. That's where we boldly suggested going with just the stills and creating the story from there. Had a hand in crafting the pitched concept and this was one of the rarer projects where we managed to run the pitched copy almost 100% (tweaking it slightly to suit the photos we have to play with). Pretty happy with the final result - a "blockbuster movie trailer" of sorts. Kind of ran contrary to the initial brief/what they're used to previously - didn't use any video footage and kept it really short. But hey, clients' feedback post-event was that this really fired up the audience and set the mood - Mission: Accomplished!


With the breathing room created during this downtime, I finally got myself down to my TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor. Was following up for some other issue but with a few pokes and prods, she found out my back was actually too abnormally tense. I'd thought it's because I've been so busy that I've not gotten my weekly dose of gymming/exercise for 2 months running. It turned out that it was due to the long stretches of long/late edits leading to really late dinners, causing poor digestion which led to the pulling of the back muscles.

And that was how I ended up undergoing my first acupuncture session! Having gone through it, I'd say it looks scarier than it really is. Though there were some really strange and awkward sensations when she poked the needles in to the sorest of spots.

In any case, I'm glad she identified that problem because I felt better immediately after! No more sore back. Now, THAT'S a big thing for editors who sit in their chairs for more than 10 hours daily. And now, I'm finally restarting my exercising... and hope to get back on some sort of routine. Got to keep the most important piece of "equipment" chugging along nicely.