Monday, August 18, 2008

Rough Cut, Lady!


It's pretty true - clients always ask for all three when the reality is: you can almost always only get two of them. One of 'em Universal Truths in Production.

No cake and eat it, I'm afraid.

Today's post 'inspired' by meeting someone whom this jingle was written for, fo' real:

After working on industrials/corporates for the past few years, I think this client has won the right to this jingle/song.

And said client has cemented the fact that my favorite emoticon is now:



Meanwhile, in Editing Land, it has been a test of endurance pulling a 9-hour and 11-hour weekend edit for said R.C.L. When pre-production gets cramped due to circumstances, production and post-production gets seriously shaken AND stirred.

For now, we are aiming to deliver something that is:




... because we're badass like that ;]